The Future Of The Internet & Web 3.0 [video]

web 3 0The next age of the web will be – or should be – called Web 3.0.  But what will Web 3.0 look like?

Web 1.0 was the age of the static websites.  Basically an advanced business card for you, or your business, on the web.   Maybe you had a form or two that people could fill out, but primarily Web 1.0 was the age of the static web.

Web 2.0 evolved into the social web.  People moved into blogs, user generated content, and social networking.

Now, instead of the web being static, Web 2.0 becomes more social, interactive, and reputation based.

But what will the next evolution of the web look like?  What will Web 3.0 bring us?  Jonathan Zittrain predicts that Web 3.0 will be more “human like”.

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