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Increase Twitter Followers & Exposure With Twitter Lists

twitter listTwitter is a powerful platform for increasing exposure for your brand and broadcasting your message to a growing targeted audience.

I’ve always seen the most powerful attribute of Twitter to be the “permission based marketing” element.  Meaning, people voluntarily follow you on Twitter.

So if someone “voluntary” follows you, then they must be interested in you for some reason.  And regardless of that reason, on Twitter it means another follower and another addition to your audience.

The Power of Twitter Lists

A few months ago, Twitter introduced a feature called Lists. Twitter List is a list of people on Twitter that are brought together under one profile so that all of the aggregated tweets can be seen in one place.  For example, someone might create a list of New York Yankees’ fans and writers.  This one list would be brought together and all of their tweets could be seen in one Twitter profile.

Twitter Lists can even be followed!

So now, you don’t have to visit the Twitter List profile to see what’s being talked about.  The Twitter List stream will show up right in your Twitter stream – making it easy to stay updated on everything being talked about on the New York Yankees’ Twitter List.

How Twitter Lists Benefit You

Although there isn’t really anything you can do specifically to make this happen, getting your Twitter profile added to a Twitter List is a great way to increase exposure and followers.

When I say you can’t really do anything to get your Twitter profile added to a list means that you can’t really request to be added.  But what you can do is dramatically increase your chances of being added to Twitter Lists.

You can increase your chances of being added to Twitter Lists by following some, or all, of these strategies:

  • Tweet regularly, daily, even hourly
  • Make your tweets relevant, informative, and valuable to readers
  • Tweet on a specific topic, subject, or general category
  • Reply and retweet other people’s tweets
  • Follow those who follow you
  • Reply to direct messages, questions, or comments that people sent you

These are just some basic principles to follow to help increase your chances of being added to a Twitter List.  By getting added to a Twitter List, your exposure, traffic, and followers on Twitter will be increased dramatically – especially as the popularity of that Twitter List that you’re part of grows.

In essence, by getting added to a Twitter List, your Twitter profile feeds your Twitter List with content, and the Twitter List feeds traffic, exposure, and followers back to your Twitter profile.

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I started twitter a few weeks ago, since then I’ve begun to love it. When I started I hated Twitter it’s allowed me to network with people in my life alot easier. News and updates happen in quickly which makes for a great only app.

I’m a 13 year old new business owner (with the help and supervsion of my mom) (she makes me say that) and I would love to grow my twitter and t-shirt business!! See you there! :)

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