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Gmail Now Defaults To HTTPS Secured

gmailGmail previously gave you an option to use either HTTP (unsecured) or HTTPS (secured) settings while logged into, and using Gmail.

However, Gmail has taken the steps to turn on HTTPS (secured) by default for all Gmail users.

Previously, Gmail deferred from making HTTPS secured because of latency issues – causing Gmail to run slower.

However, the Gmail team has been conducting research over the past several months on the latency issue and has determined that the majority of Gmail users have sufficient internet speed and connectivity to turn on HTTPS by default.

If you chose to not run HTTPS on your Gmail you can always turn it off by visiting your “settings” and choosing “Don’t always use https”.

HTTPS is a good idea to have turned on however because a lot of time, people access their Gmail in public WiFi hotspots, or via their mobile phones.

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