How To Get Facebook Fan Page Email Notifications

UPDATE:  Here’s how to enable email notifications for your Facebook Fan page as of April 2013.  The article below is now obsolete :)

The Facebook forums are full of people who are begging to receive email notifications when someone adds a comment on their Facebook Fan Page.  And it’s unbelievable to me that Facebook hasn’t added this feature.  But oh well… since Facebook doesn’t do it – and we all need – we are left to figuring out a way to make it happen on our own!

So here’s how to get email notifications of comments added to your Facebook Fan Page:

All you need to do is “like” each of your Facebook Fan Page udpates.  This will add a small “thumbs up” image to each of your updates.  And when other people visit your Facebook Fan Page, they will actually see that you (your personal Facebook profile) liked that update.

Now, since you’ve hit “like”, when anyone adds a comment to your updates on your Facebook Fan Page, you will receive an email notification of that comment!

Just make sure that in your Notifications Settings, you’ve clicked both options under Link.

You do this by first going to your account settings (hold your mouse over “Settings” in the top right of your screen while in Facebook) > click “Account Settings” > click “Notifications” > scroll down to “Links” > put a check mark in both boxes under “Links” > scroll to the bottom and hit save.

The downside to this – the fans of your Facebook Fan Page are smart and will notice a trend, more than likely, of you “like’ing” all of your updates.  This may be a turn off to them, and could cause you to lose credibility.  I’m not saying it will happen, it’s just something to keep in mind before you go and start “like’ing” all of your updates.

Reply / Comment Back via Email Reply

Facebook has a new feature that now allows you to comment back to people’s comments by simply replying to the email notification you received.

You may have noticed this in some of the most recent notification emails you’ve received from Facebook:

New Feature: Reply to this email to comment on this link.

That means, all you need to do to reply to someone who commented on your Facebook Fan Page (or any comment for that matter), is just reply right in your email, just like you’d reply to any other email – and that reply will post on your Facebook Fan Page right underneath the comment you are replying to!

Again, it’s unfortunately that Facebook hasn’t implemented this feature for Facebook Fan Pages.  It’s very important that we get a notification when someone has commented on our Fan Pages  – that’s how we can actually engage in a conversation and be timely in communicating with customers and prospects.

So I hope this article helps!  It’s the best, and only solution – until Facebook adds this feature into the Facebook Fan Page platform itself.

As always, leave questions or comments in the comment section below and I look forward to hearing from you!  Or, feel free to contact me anytime.