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Farmville Is Popular Even Among Children

farmville facebookWait a minute?  Did I just say Farmville, the virtual utopian farming game on Facebook – and Facebook, where you are suppose to be at least 13 years old – is popular even among children?  Yes, that’s right… and children as young as 4 or 5 years old have farms that are thriving on Farmville!

So you might be asking, well how does a young child get onto Facebook to play Farmville?  C’mon now, you know the answer to that don’t you?  They use their parent’s Facebook login to play Farmville!

In 2009, Farmville was the most shared content on Facebook.  In fact, Mashable wrote a story showing how there are more Farmville users on Facebook than there are Twitter users – and that is, all Twitter users globally!

Check out this Facebook application user data chart:

facebook app leaderboard full

And although a lot of this traffic and user data is coming from adults on Facebook, I know that a substantial amount of user data is generated by the children of those adults.

Do you play Farmville on Facebook?  Do you know of kids who are playing Farmville as well?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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