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Facebook Problems: Are You Plagued With “Facebook unavailable due to site maintenance”?

facebook error logoSince writing about the Facebook problem and error message Facebook unavailable due to site maintenance over 24 hours ago, people are still being plagued by what is seemingly a major problem within Facebook.  Initially, people thought that Facebook might have been down temporarily for server updates, or maintenance.  But several readers here at Social Media SEO continue to report that they are still not able to access their Facebook profiles, and continue to get the error message Facebook unavailable due to site maintenance.

Are you still having this issue?  If so, let us know in the comments how long you’ve been experiencing the problem.  Also, if you were having this error message but now you are back online with Facebook, let us know about your experience.  A lot of people will be helped and informed by your input.

25 replies on “Facebook Problems: Are You Plagued With “Facebook unavailable due to site maintenance”?”

I’ve been seeing this message for the last 13 hours. Other folks I know are having no problems, so it must be the server my account is on. Very frustrating.

i am having the same issue… haven't been able to log in for 20 hours now. I have submitted a report to facebook and got a generic letter regarding the new layout problems…… I play multiple farming games and all of my crops are lost.. I'm very upset and can't get answers from anyone as to why maintenance would take over 20 hours to perform . None of my friends are having any issues with this problem …only me and now I see some of you guys. My computer is virus free and I have all the proper firefox, so I am just not understanding this problem:(

me too! I was on ALL day then this evening got the same message! I logged on under a friends name and her account came up! I am pissed! My pet will run away and my crops are done! every free minute is for facebook! HELP!!

I posted this on another page, thought I would put it here too.

I was locked out of my account for 24 hours. While searching for an answer I found a link for facebook lite. This site let me log in, and I clicked on the facebook logo at the top, which directed me to the normal facebook page. I have been able to log in and out with no problems now. Im sorry but I dont have a link , but I do hope this helps. It was driving me crazy!

I have the same problems, okay this morning (UK time) . But at lunch time logged back in, and I got the standard maintenance message! Still down.

Tried to log on via Facebook Lite, but got the same message, so Facebook Lite did not work for me sadly:(

V frustrating to say the least! Arrrrrgh :(

I am still having this Facebook Maintenance crap, A few hours they say, Come on this is nuts, i got kicked out of facebook lastnight Feb 22nd at 10 PM, Now today is the 23rd and i still can't log in and its now 2:36PM this is totally crazy, Facebook is getting so crazy now

I have not been aable to log onto my FaceBook for over 12 hours…….,since I added some new pictures (very decent ones) of myself on my FaceBook Page……,what gives?

I have not been aable to log onto my FaceBook for over 12 hours…….,since I added some new pictures (very decent ones) of myself on my FaceBook Page……,what gives?

i have been having this rblem off and on for several weeks it is very frustrating my brother and sister can log inot their accounts from the sam computer at the same time i get this message please fix!!!

36 hours now, totally ridiculous. I find Facebook's help section hugely ineffectual and their generic "sorry we don't know what's wrong either" email replies frustrating. I know we don't pay for this but others pay to advertise and their target audiences are potentially unable to view their content with these lengthy outtages not ot mention the loss of data that some users report when accounts do come back online.

24 hours and counting. Now I can see my picture at least when I search my own name. Im seriously thinking about deleting this load of bul but I need it to network for school :( grr

Same time every night for the past week my facebook is ‘not available due to site maintenance’ then is up and running again in the morning. Anyone know why this keeps happening?

Facebook Problems: Are You Plagued With “Facebook unavailable due to site maintenance”? what seems to be the problem with our account,pls we need ur immediate response and how to troubleshoot it? iv started to experience it for approximately 4 hours 2day(sept. 21,2010)

I couldn’t get on yesterday night but then today during the day it worked fine for a few hours. Now I can’t get on again… :(

Getting the maintenance error message today, less than 10 hours after spending time on FB last night. Gr-r-r-r-r!

I’ve been trying all day to log on and have been getting the “site issue” problem. And there is not a single number to contact fb! Very frustrating.

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