Video Commenting in Blogs

video comments in blogI’m excited to say that I just did my first video comment in my blog!  You can view it here (scroll way down to the bottom).  One of the main reasons I tried it is because 1) I tend to get long winded while writing, so I can easily write out a 500 work comment reply, 2) I’m creating the video replies and sending them up to YouTube, and 3) I’m able to provide the readers and commenters with a more personalized comment – they (you) are able to see me, hear me, and be engaged with a video as you listen to my response.  And in all honesty, I think I recorded this first video comment, sent it up to YouTube, and had it in the comments on my blog post faster than I could have typed it all out.

I’m using Intense Debate for my commenting system.  And in the options settings for your specific blog, you can chose to allow video comments!

I think this is really a neat idea – and I also think it allows me to provide a much higher quality response to readers.

What do you think?

Do you think video commenting will pick up more popularity and relevance in the future?

Have you ever used video commenting in the past?

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