Automatically Send Twitter To Facebook Fan Pages

This articles describes a process that is still being tested – leave comments about your experience with it.

*** UPDATE 2/10/2010 ***

RSS Graffiti just updated their Facebook application so that you can customize the Twitter RSS feed directly from the RSS Graffiti app.  This is a powerful update because you no longer need to deal with Yahoo Pipes to customize your Twitter RSS feed – RSS Graffiti now has the options that you need like stripping the Twitter username from the front of the Twitter updates, including or excluding retweets and @ replies.

Here’s a video I put together showing you how to automatically send your Twitter updates to your Facebook Fan Page using RSS Graffiti – and it works like a charm:

Click here to watch a screencast video, or watch the YouTube version below:

I’ve written a couple of articles before on how to automatically send Twitter updates to Facebook Fan Pages here, here, and here.   These previous ways used,, and your Notes.  But with, people are finding the process long, cumbersome and confusing.  With, the tweets hitting the Fan Page aren’t triggering Facebook’s new “via” share function – the retweet on Facebook.  And having the “share” link appear on your Facebook Fan Page updates is very important for viral marketing purposes.

Some other things that have been problems up to this point has been:

a. The tweets hitting your Facebook Fan Page has your Twitter profile username showing before the tweet update – and that’s annoying to have.

b. With, unless you know how to properly set your feed settings, you’ll get a double posting of your tweet – it will post both as a title and as a description – and that just looks terrible on your Facebook Fan Page.

But most importantly now, more than anything else is that Facebook now has a “share” link showing on any updates that have links in them.  This is Facebook’s equivalent of Twitter’s retweet function.  But with just will not generate that “share” link in Facebook – and I’ve tried everything I can think of to make it happen.

And Facebook’s “share” (or retweet) function is important because people can now reshare your updates, and your Fan Page will benefit with excellent viral marketing exposure.

So I think I’ve found the best solution for automatically sending your Twitter updates to your Facebook Fan Pages!

The solution I will explain below will remove your username from the beginning of your tweets, it will eliminate any double postings of your tweets, it removes any @ replies in your Twitter stream, and… if your tweet has a URL or a shortened URL (or link such as a photo, video, etc…) it will trigger the “share” link in Facebook so that people can reshare (retweet) your updates! And the more people that reshare your Facebook Fan Page updates, the more viral marketing and exposure your Facebook Fan Page receives!

Here’s How To Automatically Send Twitter to Your Facebook Fan Page

Before we do anything, you need to grab your Twitter’s RSS feed:

To get your Twitter RSS Feed, go to your Twitter Profile page.

If you are using Firefox, then in the URL area there is an orange RSS icon.  Click on it. Drop down box will reveal two options.   Select ‘Subscribe to “my Tweets”…

You will then see the link:

Click on it to open in it’s on page. Copy URL from your address bar.

If you aren’t using Firefox, then click on your “Profile” link (upper right hand corner of Twitter page) > then scroll down and look just below the group of images of people you are following > click the link that says “RSS Feed of ……..”  Then just copy the URL of the page that opens (which is your Twitter’s RSS feed).

Next stop…. Yahoo Pipes

Now save your Twitter’s RSS feed either in a new tab, window, or somewhere where you can get it – because you are going to need to paste your Twitter’s RSS feed in the following steps.

Now, we need to take your Twitter RSS feed and reconfigure it so that it now longer has the username posting at the beginning of each update, and so that the feed doesn’t double post your tweet in your Facebook Fan Page.

Click this link here >> (opens new window)

This link will take you to Yahoo Pipes – an RSS feed configuration tool.

The steps you need to take will require you to create a free Yahoo account. It’s fast, simple, and free to create – and believe, it will be worth it once your Twitter feed looks clean and great!

Once you’ve created your free Yahoo account, go ahead and click the Yahoo Pipe link above, or just click here.

If you’re logged into your Yahoo account, and you’ve clicked the Yahoo Pipe link above, follow these steps to generate a new, clean Twitter RSS feed that you’ll use to auto feed your Facebook Fan Page:

1) Click on “Clone”

2) Click “edit source”

3) Put your Twitter RSS feed in the URL box

4) Put your Twitter username in place of mine “bulldogvoices” in the [item.title] line

5) Make sure you have the : (colon) symbol after your username

6) Click “Pipe Output” and you should see a sampling of your Twitter feed below

7) Click “Save A Copy”

8) Now find the text link at the top of the screen that says “Run Pipe” and click that

9) Once your pipe runs, click “Get as RSS”

**SIDE NOTE**  >>  If you WANT to include retweets and @ replies in your RSS feed then alter the Yahoo Pipe by doing this:

Remove the following attribute from the Yahoo Pipe settings:

“Filter” > item:.y:title > contains > @

Hit the minus sign (the one with the circle around it) that’s to the left of that line attribute to delete that line entirely.

That particular line attribute, because it has the “@” in it, actually filters out any updates with the “@” in it – so as to prevent the retweets from posting in the feed.

If you want the retweets TO SHOW IN YOUR FEED, then just delete that line attribute as I just described, and your feed will now be posting retweets.

Continuing on…

You will now be looking at the new RSS feed of your Twitter updates that no longer shows your username at the beginning of tweets, and duplicates and @ replies are removed.  So copy and save your new Twitter RSS feed so that it’s handy.

Moving on….  (stay with me, trust me – it’s worth it!)

Next, we are going to add the RSS Graffiti App to your personal Facebook profile.  So make sure you are logged into your Facebook account, and click the link above of copy / paste this URL into your address bar:

When RSS Graffit app opens, click the link called “Add to my page” that’s right underneath their profile picture.

This will open a new window with a list of your Facebook Fan Pages that you admin > go ahead and find your desired Facebook Fan Page and click “Add To Page” button to the right.

You will then be taken to the dashboard of RSS Graffiti.  You need to go through the process of adding RSS Graffiti to your personal Facebook profile because that’s how they can tell what Facebook Fan Pages you admin.

So go through the process of adding RSS Graffiti application to your Facebook profile – it’s going to be several steps of adding and accepting different links > it’s pretty easy to get through!

Once you’re finished adding the RSS Graffiti application, you should now see a list of all the Facebook Fan Pages you admin on the left hand side of RSS Graffit.

Go ahead and select your desired Facebook Fan Page – the one you want your Twitter profile to auto update with tweets.

Click “Add Feed

Now take the your new and improved Twitter RSS feed – the one you created in Yahoo Pipes – and paste that into the Feed URL box.

Once you’ve pasted in your new Twitter RSS feed, you can go ahead and click the link called “Click here to generate a preview” > this will generate a preview of what your tweets will look like in your Facebook Fan Page.

In the “Feed Name” box, go ahead and give your feed a custom name – like your Twitter profile name or something short and sweet.

Under “Style” click the center option called “Compact” – this is the optimal settings for sending your tweets to your Facebook Fan Page.  If you select “Standard” you’ll get a double posting of your tweets – and if you select “Status updates” you won’t generate the critical “Share” link that Facebook now provides.

So make sure you select “Compact”!

Now click “Save” – and you’re all set to start sending your Twitter updates automatically to your Facebook Fan Page.  Any new tweets you create after you save will show up in your Facebook Fan Page.

The updates to your Facebook Fan Page do not happen instantly – I think RSS Graffiti scans feeds on the standard every 20 – 30 minutes and posts anything that’s new.


Below is a Twitter profile I own along with it’s associated Facebook Fan Page.  Everything tweet I update in Twitter is posting to my Facebook Fan Page – and as you can see, my username is not showing at the beginning of the feed, there is no duplicate postings of the tweet, and for the tweets that have links (URL’s, shortened URL’s, or other links like videos, photos, etc…) you can see Facebook’s new “share” link is available – so people click the “share” link and reshare (or retweet) that update, which like I said brings a lot of viral marketing to your Facebook Fan Page.

Here’s my Twitter profile >>

Here’s my Facebook Fan Page >>

Any Questions:

As always, if you have any questions, comments, etc… feel free to contact me anytime!