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How To Add Your Twitter’s Profile RSS Feed to Your Facebook Fan Page Notes

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*** UPDATE ***

I have found an easier method to stream Twitter to Facebook Fan Pages – – click the link to read the “how to” below:

Below is the previous method that I no longer recommend:

I just wrote an article about how to add Twitter to your Facebook Fan Page via Notes, along with other RSS feeds such as your blog.  You can read about how to do this here.

However, some people just want to simply add their Twitter profile’s RSS feed to their Facebook Fan Page Notes and have it (their tweets) automatically udpate their Fan Page stream.

Here’s how to do that:

Twitter now requires authentication to read the Twitter RSS feeds, so first follow these steps to unlock (or authorize) your Twitter RSS feed:

1) Click on the RSS feed for your Twitter profile and copy the URL to your Twitter’s RSS feed

2) Next, go to (FreeMyFeed) – – This is a service that will take your Twitter feed (and any other feed for that matter) that requires authentication and by adding your user name and password will give you a new feed that doesn’t require authentication.

3) After you’ve entered your Twitter feed’s URL / username / password – and hit “Submit”, you’ll now have a new RSS feed that is unlocked (or authorized). This is the RSS feed you’ll use in your Facebook Fan Page Notes.

4) On your Facebook Fan Page click “Edit Page” directly below your Fan Page pic > find “Notes” and click “edit” > on the next screen, look to the right at “Notes Settings” and click “Import a blog”

5) Enter your new Twitter RSS feed address in the URL box > check the box > and then hit “Start Importing”

6) Now go back to applications dashboard (click “Edit page” under your Fan Page pic) > find Notes in the list of applications > this time click “Applications Settings” > then click “Additional Permissions” tab and check the box that says “Publish to streams” > hit “OK”

That should be it – your Twitter profile will now be automatically updating your Facebook Fan Page stream and broadcasting out to all of your fans.

*** On A Side Note – – there may be people here asking “why not just add my Twitter feed URL to the Notes?

The reason being, as I stated before, is that Twitter now requires authentication with their feeds. And although you may get the current data from your Twitter feed to show, it’s unlikely you’ll get any new Twitter updates to hit your Fan Page stream.

That is why I’ve recommended first converting your Twitter RSS feed to an unlocked (or authorized) feed, and then proceeding with adding the new unlocked RSS URL to Notes.

As always, hit me up if you anyone needs help!

If you need help with this, I’d be more than happy to walk you through it:

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4 replies on “How To Add Your Twitter’s Profile RSS Feed to Your Facebook Fan Page Notes”

I noticed that the feed created by freemyfeed (or Yahoo Pipes' version of the same tool) blatantly includes your password in the URL toward the end (following the prefix "password"). If we I were to use this feed for my Facebook notes will all my Facebook contacts (or others) have the ability to somehow see the original feed URL (and my Twitter password)? For obvious reasons I'd prefer that the password remain private. Thanks for your help! This sounds promising so long as the RSS feed populating Facebook Notes remains hidden/private to everyone but me as the Facebook account holder.

Hi there – and thank you for posting your comments. Please disregard this article as there are now more up to date applications for sending your Twitter updates automatically to your Facebook Fan Page.

I created a short video tutorial for how to do this at the link below – thanks again for commenting:


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