“Disable Google Buzz” #2 In Google Suggestions

disable google buzzThe “Google Query Suggestion” feature is what happens when you start typing a search phrase into the Google search bar.  So as you start typing, suggestions pop up underneath the search bar.  These suggestions are based on similar spellings and phrases that are receiving high search volumes.

When you start typing the “disable” (without quotes), the very first word, or phrase, that appears using the word “disable” is the phrase “disable Google buzz”. This is not good for the new Google Buzz feature that was rolled out yesterday.  And already, there are serious privacy concerns over Google Buzz.

disable google buzz 1

These privacy concerns are substantial – read about 2 privacy concerns you need know about with Google Buzz here.

Anyway, I find it ironic that we are not even 2 full days into the release of Google Buzz and already people are searching for how to disable Google Buzz.

For those of you who want to know, I wrote a quick tutorial on how to disable Google Buzz.

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