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‘Betty White To Host SNL’ Facebook Fan Page Goes Viral

betty white to host snl please facebook fan pageIt all started with someone’s opinion that Betty White would be the perfect host for Saturday Night Live.  A 29 year old man from San Antonio just had the idea that she would be the perfect host.  So he decided to take action by creating a Betty White to Host SNL (please?)! Facebook Fan Page (see it here).  His goal was to get at least 5000 fans, and if that number was achieved, he would then send a letter to the executive producer Lorne Michaels requesting that Betty White be considered as the host of Saturday Night Live.

It only took a month for the Betty White to Host SNL (please?)! Facebook Fan Page to achieve 5000 fans.  So the 29 year old from Texas sent off the letter as promised.  Then, the concept became big news and was being reported by all of the major news agency.

Now, the Betty White to Host SNL (please?)! Facebook Fan Page has well over 200,000 fans and growing.

When I visited the page, it was funny because I saw several of my friends pop up as fans of the page as well.

Do you have any friends who are supporting this movement?  Just visit the page here and see if your friends show up in the fan box.

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