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Google Buzz – 7 Days To Redemption

google buzz live twitter stream1Google Buzz launched 7 days ago on February 9th, 2010.  Since then, the Google Buzz engineering team has had nothing less than a roller coaster ride in an effort to address privacy concerns and react quickly to user feedback.

So in the 7 day life span so far with Google Buzz, the new social networking element has gone from fail to redemption! For now at least. put together a day by day recap of the short, 7 day life span of Google Buzz.

Check it out below:

February 9 — Google Buzz launches.

February 10 — In a post titled “WARNING: Google Buzz Has A Major Privacy Flaw,” We complain that before you change any settings in Google Buzz, someone could go into your profile and see the people youemail and chat with most. Our complaint is that Google forces users to opt-out, rather than opt-in, to exposing this private information publicly.

February 11 — Google updates Buzz to make it easier to opt-out of publicly displaying lists of followers.

February 12 — We suggest this change doesn’t go far enough.

February 12 — A woman complains that Google automatically set her up to be followed by her abusive ex-husband.

February 13 — Google goes all the way, replacing an opt-out feature, auto-following, with an opt-in feature, auto-suggesting.

February 16 — Google promises more changes, including a more prominent “mute” option. Says a Google spokesperson, “Some people feel like there is too much noise in the inbox and this is something we are working on better controls for.”

So there you go!  The first 7 days of the life of Google Buzz.  And the scrutiny and user feedback is likely to only increase as time goes on.  So stay tuned to the buzz about Google Buzz!

You can follow along with up to the minute news and updates on Google Buzz at our Google Buzz live Twitter news stream.

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