Facebook Fan Page Tip: Block Fans From Posting To Your Wall {VIDEO}

facebook fan page tipThere are times where a Facebook Fan Page creator of admin might want to actually prevent fans from posting content to the wall of their Facebook Fan Page.  However, as I know from experience, sometimes the settings to achieve this can be hard to find.  So I’ve put together a quick video to help you out!

How To Stop Fans From Posting to the Wall of your Facebook Fan Page:

10 replies on “Facebook Fan Page Tip: Block Fans From Posting To Your Wall {VIDEO}”

If you do this will the fans be able to still comment on posts I make? This is what I'm trying to accomplish. Please advise!

I am trying to do the same thing — prevent comments by fans and can find out how do it. Unchecking the box still lets them comment.

I also have set my fan page setting so fans cannot post content, but it still allows them to comments on my posts and photos. Can I prevent this too??

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