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Citysearch To Integrate Twitter Business Reviews

twitter citysearchCitysearch is one of those sites that you turn to in order to see what customers think about a specific business.  The site is really geared toward the local market place where you can read reviews on restaurants, auto repair shops, etc…  Well Citysearch is taking their offer of reviews one step further by integrating Twitter updates into their business listings.

I’ve written before on how Twitter is changing the product and business review platforms.  Twitter is becoming a stream of real time customer feed back, and it’s actually becoming more relied on then traditional product review sites.

Twitter is especially becoming relevant in the area of movie reviews.  Literally as people are in the theater watching a movie, they are also tweeting about what they think of the movie.

Citysearch integrating Twitter into their business reviews is a great concept and will allow people to get real time feedback on a particular place of business.]

And if nothing else, Twitter will start forcing businesses to truly put “the customer first”.  Because bad reviews on a business, in today’s age of Twitter, can spread quickly and literally knock a business out of their marketplace.

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