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Facebook Fan Page Issues: Business Page Only Viewable To Fans

facebook fan page flatFacebook Fan Page Issues:  Business Page Only Viewable To Fans

From the Facebook Fan Page help forum – Question: Why is my business page only visible to fans? Why cant any user find it?


When the visibility of your Facebook Fan Page is restricted, this is typically due to the way you have your settings configured.  Your Facebook Fan Page settings control the access and “viewability” of your Fan Page, and ultimately determines who can, and cannot, view and access your Facebook Fan Page.

Checking your Facebook Fan Page settings:

Click “edit” underneath your Facebook Fan Page profile picture > go to “settings” and click “edit” > if your options are set to anything else besides “Anyone 13+” and “Publicly viewable”, then the access to your Facebook Fan Page will be restricted.

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Has anyone had issues with not being able to get into their fan page. you can log into the profile and then go view your page and it says there is no page but after a few times you can get the edit/view page but then your posts appear as the profile name and not the fan page name. any ideas on what the issues is here

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