Making Money with Google Adsense – Part 2

google adsense make money online part 2Making Money with Google Adsense – Part 2

In Making Money with Google Adsense – Part 1, I left off on the discussion of how to attract the highest paying advertisers to your site.  The first point I made was to focus on using targeted keyword phrases in your blog titles.  The title of your blog posts, from a Google crawler point of view, is known as the <h1> tag, and is critically important in telling Google what your article is about.  If your title, or <h1> tag uses targeted keyword phrases, then you are more likely to attract targeted ads to your site.

I want to continue this point of attracting the highest paying advertisers to your site with point #2, and that is your content production.

2)  Content Production

What do I mean by “content production?”

Content production is the volume, or frequency, in which you generate content (or articles) for your blog.

There is a simple principle when it comes to building an authoritative website – and that is, the more content you produce, then the more authoritative your site will become.

Of course, other factors come into play like the quality of your content, your writing style, and what type of audience you attract over time.

But nothing trumps the value of content production.

The more you content you produce on a daily basis, the more you will attract Google (and all major search engines) crawlers back to your site to index your new content.  This crawl frequency plays a major role in determining the authority of your site.

If your blog is about the NFL, for example.  And you write several articles a day about the latest news and information regarding the NFL, then your site will become more authoritative over time compared to other NFL sites that only write an article once a week.

Why is that?

Because your content production will directly impact the crawling and indexing of your site by the major search engines.  And Google wants to present the most relevant, update to date content in their search results. So a lot of times, the site that has the most up to date information is the one that will win favor in the search results.

Content Production & Attracting High Paying Advertisers

To generate the most revenue from Google Adsense, it only makes sense that you need to attract the highest paying advertisers.  And your content production, believe of not, is directly related to the quality of ads displayed on your site.

Here’s why!

I already mentioned that a site with higher volumes of content production will typically achieve higher levels of authority in Google.  Well, Google wants to maximize their revenue from their Google Adwords advertisers.  So the best way to maximize revenue is to display the highest paying advertiser’s ads on the sites that have the most authority.

So the more authoritative your site, the more likely you are to attract the highest paying advertisers relevant to your content.

And by having a high level of content production, your are setting the stage to attract these premier advertisers.

That’s all I have time for at the moment.

Stay Tuned for more Making Money with Google Adsense

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