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The #1 Way To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Fans

facebook fan page icon1How To Get More Fans on your Facebook Fan Page

Now that you have a Facebook Fan Page for your business, you might be wondering how do I get exposure for my Fan Page and how do I increase fans? This is the most common question asked by all Facebook Fan Page owners, and the answer is found within Facebook itself.

There are a lot of things you can do to increase fans on your Facebook Fan Page.  Things like adding your URL to your email signature block, or adding it your business card and other printed material definitely works.

But you need to find a way to dramatically increase fans and exposure to your Facebook Fan Page.  The more fans you have, the more of a return on your efforts you’ll receive.

Increasing Activity on your Facebook Fan Page

There is no question, that when it comes to getting more exposure for your Facebook Fan Page, the best way to do it is by getting your existing fans to interact on your Fan Page.

The more your existing fans interact on your Facebook Fan Page, the more viral marketing exposure your Fan Page will receive, and the more fans your page will get.

Ways your fans can interact on your Facebook Fan Page

Here are some ways to get your existing Facebook Fan Page fans to interact more on your Fan Page:

1)  Provide high quality updates

When you provide high quality, informative updates on your Facebook Fan Page, people will respond with comments, stories, and additional updates.  All of this “commenting” then spreads the exposure of your Facebook Fan Page to all of the commenter’s friends – creating a viral marketing explosion for your Facebook Fan Page.

2)  Ask questions

Asking questions from your Facebook Fan Page is a great way to get existing fans to respond and comment on your Fan Page.  Again, when people are commenting and interacting on your Fan Page, your exposure increases dramatically.

3)  Encourage people to “Share” and “Like” your updates

For each of your Facebook Fan Page updates, people can either “Share” or “Like” the update.  Whenever someone “Shares” or “Likes” your updates, that action is then spread throughout their Facebook news stream, letting all of their friends know about what that person “Shared” or “Liked”.

People can “Share” your content if your update has a link associated with it.

And people can “Like” your content that both does, and does not, have a link associated with it.

And one way you can get people to “Share” or “Like” your updates is simply by asking them to “Share” or “Like” it.

For example, a couple of days ago I wrote about a new email scam that is spreading on Facebook.  So I wrote about it on my blog, and then syndicated it to my Facebook Fan Page.  Then, from my Facebook Fan Page I asked people to “Share” this update with all of their friends.

The results:

I added nearly 100 fans to my Fan Page that day and nearly doubled the traffic to my blog from Facebook!

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