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How To Get Fans Commenting on your Facebook Fan Page

increase fan comments with quiz facebook fan pageHow to get more fans commenting on your Facebook Fan Page is a challenge, but some things work better than others.

Your Facebook Fan Page is probably becoming one of the most important online web properties for your business.

Perhaps, your Facebook Fan Page is even more important than your website.  But regardless of the role your Facebook Page plays in your business, there is no question that fan activity, commenting and sharing your updates, is one of the best ways to give your brand more traffic and exposure on Facebook.

Why worry about fans commenting on your Facebook Fan Page?

When just one fan comments on an update that came from your Facebook Fan Page, that comment is immediately syndicated into the news stream of all the friends of the person who commented.

So, let’s say I have 150 friends on Facebook (my personal Facebook profile) and I commented on one of your Facebook Page updates.

My comment instantly syndicated out to all 150 of my personal Facebook friends.  This not only let all of my friends know where I spend some of my time and what my interests are, but that comment also has a link back to your Facebook Fan Page.  So basically, by me commenting on your Facebook Fan Page, I just promoted your Fan Page to 150 people who probably have never seen you or heard of you before.

The same thing happens when people share (click the Share link) your Facebook Fan Page updates.

So that’s why you want to get your fans involved and active with your Fan Page.

Getting fans commenting on your Facebook Fan Page

There are probably thousands of different strategies you can read about online on how to get your fans engaging with your Facebook Page.  But let me share with you one strategy that dramatically increases comments from my Facebook Fan Page fans.

Posting a “Quiz / Survey”

Posting a “Quiz” or a “Survey” almost always generates comments and conversations from my Facebook Fan Page fans.

For example, yesterday I posted the following quiz:

* SURVEY / QUIZ * Do you check your Facebook first thing in the morning when you wake up? Reply with YES or NO – I’ll post the results tomorrow!

The result was 14 people commented directly by answering the quiz.

And then on my follow up post with the results, another 7 people commented on the results.

If I counted up the number of friends that the 14 people have on Facebook, taking into consideration that the average Facebook user has 150 friends, then that would mean my Facebook Fan Page was exposed to (150×14) 2100 people that might have never even known my Fan Page existed.

Not bad for a quiz that took me only 10 seconds to send out to my Facebook Fan Page fans…

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