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Cost Breakdown for The Upcoming iPad 3G

att ipad 3gWhat will the upcoming iPad 3G cost? Check out the numbers below.

As you know, tomorrow brings a new opportunity for you to go crazy over a new gadget – the Apple iPad.

What it doesn’t bring you is the iPad WiFi + 3G – that’s coming in about 2 or 3 weeks.

But when the iPad 3G does arrive, and then the serious web surfers are ready to make a purchase, what’s the total cost of the iPad 3G going to be?

Here’s a cost breakdown for the iPad 3G and 3G service:

  • a two-year AT&T data contract
  • higher cost for 3G iPads
  • iPad ¬†Wi-Fi models
  • $499 (for 16GB)
  • $599 (for 32GB)
  • $699 (for 64GB)

The Wi-Fi + 3G models

  • $629 (for 16GB)
  • $729 for (32GB)
  • $829 (for 64GB).

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