iPad 3G Release Date & Pricing

**UPDATE** 4/19/10 – I believe that Apple has just shipped your iPad 3G.  Check out this article for proof >> https://socialmediaseo.net/2010/04/19/breaking-apple-just-shipped-released-ipad-3g-orders/

iPad 3G Release Date & Pricing

The release date for the iPad has passed – that was yesterday, April 3rd, 2010. Next up is the iPad 3G. We know that the iPad 3G will be coming sometime toward the end of April, however, we don’t have an official iPad 3G release date other than “the end of Arpil.”

iPad 3G Pricing model:

AT&T iPad Data pricing plans:

$29.99 – unlimited 3G data plan

$14.99 – per month, 250 mb/month data plan

When you start approaching your 250 mb/month quota, you get a warning when you have 20% of your data left, 10% of your data left, and when you’re out of data. When you run out of the 250Mb, you are given the option to add an additional 250Mb or switch to the unlimited plan.

According to Steve Jobs, the 250 mb/month data plan for the iPad will be sufficient for most users.