*BREAKING* Apple Just Shipped / Released iPad 3G Orders

Did Apple Just Ship / Release iPad 3G Orders?

From the looks of things, the iPad 3G may have shipped today from Apple.

One of the readers here at Social Media SEO just sent me a break down of his credit card statement, and also screenshots of Apple’s shipping policies.

Here’s what I’ve got that makes me think the iPad 3G has just shipped:

“Looks like it may have shipped today… as you can see, $25K credit limit; Current available credit $24,211.57. $25K – iPad price of $788.43, well that equals my available credit to the penny. Please do not use my name or email address if cited in an article.”

From Apple.com’s help section…

Online CC statement…

Apple.com order status…

So what do you think?

This might be evidence that your brand new iPad 3G has just shipped from Apple.

Please let us know as soon as your receive your iPad 3G!