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Engadget To Live Broadcast Apple’s iPhone OS 4 Event on Thursday

engadget iphone os eventApple announced an iPhone OS 4 event to be held on Thursday, April 8th at 10AM PST for a sneak peek of the next generation iPhone OS software.

The best news is that Engadget ¬†will be liveblogging the event directly from Apple’s campus.

What can we expect from Apple and their new iPhone OS 4 event? Who knows… your guess is as good as mine.

But here are a couple of points I have found of what people would like to hear:

– fix the battery issues where push mail opens a bajillion connections to my exchange server and eats through the battery in 2 hours.
– multitasking, at least for and Pandora. I’m actually OK with most of the current app model, assuming you fix my battery issues. But I do want to listen to more than just MP3 in the background. Without having to JB.
– just enable the damn video capability already on the 3G. I don’t care if it isn’t as good.
– app folders or some better organizing strategy.
– let me customize the lock screen for some cool info, like how many emails, local temperature, widgets etc.

– Copy and paste! Multitasking! Flash! MMS! oh wait, that’s the Android

– New universal search.
– unified/improved mailbox.
– iChat app?
– (limited) 3rd party multitasking*
– App management improvements (categories? Dynamic app placement?)
– Tabs in browser for iPad
– significant improvement to background GPS access (not necessarily the same as backgrounding of the GPS app itself)
– Multiple Exchange accounts
– Dramatically improved calendar (including more native exchange support)
– heightened device security, including improvements for remote admin’s.
– local file system for iPhone (associated with storing attachments from mail and sharing some data between apps)
– improved cloud syncing/access
– Resolution independence
– improved “home” screen (likely a fairly amazing design/method, intuitive in a way we do not expect)
– native iBook app and iBook store support for iPhone
– iPhone “readers” for iWork, possibly a presentation app for keynote (via dock connector?)
– movement of some data features to more sharable locations in the underlying file system, or improved APIs for accessing whats there already.
– Tethering (finally) on AT&T @ $10 or less.
– June release date.
– no announcements of specific new hardware, but hints about what’s coming.
– iPhone WiFi to 3G bridge mode for non 3G iPad (since they can’t technically tether as the cable spec has no crossover option in the design).
– Verizon is a “no-go” announcement.

Comment source: Gizmodo

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