Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark Writes About Unvarnished

craiglist founder craig newmark sfgate1Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark Writes About Unvarnished

First, I didn’t even realize that Craig Newmark, founder of the classified website, is a writer at Second, I found it interesting that Craig Newmark was writing about a new online reputation site called Unvarnished.


Craig states that the new, upcoming site called Unvarnished is a site designed specifically for online reputation exposure. Meaning, people can visit the Varnished, write whatever they want about you, your company, etc… and it gets published for the whole world to see.

Call me crazy, but don’t we already have a bottom dwelling site that follows the concepts of Unvarnished – it’s called (I refrain from giving them a link because I think there site should be banned from the Internet).

Anyway, Unvarnished sounds like just another site for angry people to turn to in an effort to destroy someone, or someone else’s business.

Thanks Craig for letting us know – I’m sure Craigslist will be one of the hottest topics on Unvarnished.

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