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Verizon Leaked Android Powered HTC Incredible via Twitter?

htc incredibleRumors: Verizon to carry the Android 2.1 powered HTC Incredible

If there is one place that rumors can get started quick, that place is Twitter. Over the weekend, Verizon’s Twitter profile made some interesting updates that seemed to have some implications they would be carrying the Android powered HTC Incredible device soon.

Verizon’s HTC Incredible Tweets:

One Twitter update from Verizon said this:

“Yes, the¬†HTC¬†Incredible does seem to be in demand!”

And another Twitter update said this:

“Glad to see everyone so excited, can’t say much about the HTC Incredible, stay tuned, okay?”

So I don’t know, you tell me!

Were these Twitter updates from Verizon a confirmation that they will be carrying the Android powered HTC Incredible?

Or are we just looking into the Twitter updates a little too far?

3 replies on “Verizon Leaked Android Powered HTC Incredible via Twitter?”

HAHA nice picture of the HD2, a Windows Mobile phone. You may want to figure out what the incredible looks like.

Verizon is pretty much the only US carrier now without a 1GHz handset right now. My NE2 has been up since November, and I almost got the Droid, but 3 days before it came out, I had received some info about The Incredible and also the Nexus 1 coming to Verizon as well. Well, 5 months later now and Big Red has nothing top end but a Big ZERO. Sprint's EVO 4G is going to blow doors on every other handset out there anyway, so I guess it's off to Sprint to try out their new 100% fully money back guarantee…. Sorry VZW, but you had, and lost, your chance.

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