Unvarnished – A People Rating Website

Unvarnished People Rating Website

unvarnished people rating website

The Unvarnished website is about to hit the scene and it’s only going to do one thing – contribute to the garbage that makes up the Internet.

Or as Google CEO Eric Schmidt once put it – the “cess pool” of the web!

Unvarnished people rating website – really? Just think about how that sounds. Who has the right to be rating anyone, let alone being able to publish the information to the web for all the world to see.

The Unvarnished website goes down the same path as other vile spewing websites such as Rip Off Report.com.

RipOffReport.com is another one of the those bottom dwelling websites that do nothing but hurt, ruin, and otherwise destroy people and their businesses.

If at all possible, do not engage the upcoming Unvarnished, people rating website.

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