Traci Lynn Johnson Photos : Pictures

Traci Lynn Johnson Photos : Pictures

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Traci Lynn Johnson is a 23 year old model who is also the mistress to Tiki Barber. News just broke on Tiki Barber’s decision to leave his pregnant wife for Traci Lynn Johnson – which is truly sad…

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What a fu….ng jacka$$. I hope that little b….tch turns around and leave his stupid a$$ for the next opportunity!

Robert Holland: What is so selfish about wanting to be happy? I'm sure there is more to this story and you know nothing about it. The difference between Tiki, Tiger and Jesse James is: Tiger and Jesse were caught messing around but were not willing to give up their wives…..which tells me Their wives did nothing to deserve the cheating. Tiki on the other hand, decided to leave his wife. That tells me something wasn't right in their relationship. Tiki's wife is moving forward amicably and not playing a victim. This should tell you that she's acknowledged the problem and she is comfortable with this decision. Try writing about something interesting, instead of jumping on this celebrity split-ups bandwagon. This type of thing happens everyday in America and it is getting boring to see in our sports column. Tiger Woods is going to kick a*s at Agusta. If he wins, he should just say screw it and NOT show for the ceremony afterwards… Make the Chairman of Agusta pay for the crap he said about Tiger. If if weren't for Tiger, nobody would even bother to watch The Masters.

It's called sticking to your commitments that you made to other people – especially your wife. Once you said "I Do", that means forever – it's just that people in this world are always pursuing their own happiness at the expense of others.

Tiki Barber did what most people would do – and do do – on a daily basis, and that, be led by their selfishness despite what it costs other people – which is another way to say, "I'm going to be happy and I care who it hurts."

And regarding your comment about me jumping on the celebrity bandwagon – what led you to my article?

Did someone put a gun to your head and force you to visit my site.

Let me guess, you searched for something like "Traci Lynn Johnson Photos" or something close to that….

What is so selfish about being happy? Nothing. If they no longer want to be married they should get divorce. What is selfish about Tiki is his behavior! How do you go jet-setting with another woman while your wife is pregnant with your unborn children? What kind of message does that send to your children? That it's ok to treat your family this way because that's what makes you happy? Children don't forget what parents do to each other and to them. Obviously, Tiki didn't forget what his Dad did to the whole family. You could be right…perhaps Ginny is 'not playing the victim' and perhaps she doesn't feel like a victim. We don't know. What I do know is that the children are the victims. So YES it is selfish to do what makes you happy when it starts to hurt others. Tiki knows it first hand as do I. No, I never forgave mine for the selfish acts that left our family devastated and the hurt it caused everyone.

As for Tiger… I don't care if he is a great golfer. He's another narcissistic selfish man who felt entitled. It's because of Tiger I have less interest in Nike than I had before and I will NEVER watch the masters or any of his games.

JP-oneputt…Are you for real? Being selfish about happiness shouldn't involve other peoples unhappiness. His wife was 8 months pregnant! Obviously it must have come to a bit of surprise to his wife. You make a commitment in front of God and you should honor that! Especially that God blessed him with twins and he leaves them for what he thinks is someone better. That my friend is SELFISH and immature. Tiki should suck it up and make the marriage work, but he falls to the first sign of temptation because he is weak. Gathering by your comments, you're either in your early teens or you're a very immature selfish person that only cares about numeral uno, you. It's no surprise you love that cocky SOB they call Tiger. With morals and ideas like yours, it's no wonder this world is so screwed up.

I agree, you make a commitment in front of God to love, honour and cherish till death do
you part. I did 21 years ago and still do even after my Christian wife had two affairs and then told me all at
once 2 years ago. It sucks knowing the truth, but I cannot stand liars and cheaters. She says she'll never do it again, and she knows I will leave if she ever cheats again. Lots of thearapy and the images never leave, but with renewed commitments and our two wonderful boys, I don't want to jinx their future relationships. I have utter contempt for the 2 "Christian" men that left their wifes and kids for mine. I made no commitment to them, only my wife; those "men" can burn in hell.

Glad the news is out. If that's the color she goes for it will save alot of money for guys who know what she is !!! Cut her out of the herd. She's tainted goods for sure.

@ Joe. What is she? No need to be upset that white woman choose black men to be with. It's a shame that you had to bring race into a civil discussion about morality and relationships, but since you did, this is what you need to know. White women have been having s*x and falling in love with black men since the beginning of time. As a matter of fact, white men, including a president or two, have fallen in love and had s*x with black women, even had children with these women…should we cut them "out of the herd too"?

That's the best color Joe. he same color that your Mom goes for. Your Mom is a nihha f**ker you sorry dikkkhead. LOL Hide behind the email b**ch!

It's interesting to see people fighting about this. I don't even know what in the world is happening in this relationship but I am sure it wasn't good if they decided to split. If something wasn't wrong, an 8 month pregnant wife would not be splitting amicably. It's not that I think Tiki did anything right. It's just that I think both decided this was for the best. As for Tiger, he married too early. It's that obvious. He didn't do anything right.

It's interesting to see people fighting about this. I don't even know what in the world is happening in this relationship but I am sure it wasn't good if they decided to split. If something wasn't wrong, an 8 month pregnant wife would not be splitting amicably. It's not that I think Tiki did anything right. It's just that I think both decided this was for the best. As for Tiger, he married too early. It's that obvious. He didn't do anything right.

this girl is 23 years old. she has no idea what she is doing. she has no sense of self-respect, or humanity, or of sisterhood. she has not stopped to think about what she is doing. she has not lived enough life to realize that her involvement with this married man with a pregnant wife is truly messing up her karma for a good life moving forward. what you put out, you get back. period. she does not realize that the pregnant wife could be her in the future, or a good friend of hers, or her sister, or her mother even–someone she truly cares about. if one of those dear to her lost her marriage to a "23 three year old wanna-be somebody but i'm not so i have to steal other people's husbands" she would be furious. she has no idea the hurt and disaster her actions are causing. women have to start taking more responsibility. you cannot gain respect or personal success just by being with a famous man. and you certainly can't get it by being the "other" woman or by being known as the person who broke up a marriage. in a way feel sorry for her. she is so young and probably before her 25th birthday she will realize she made a big big mistake.

This is dispicable because his wife is 8 mos pregnant with twins. Doesn’t matter if there is more to the story. The real story his children. What a bastard!

This lowlife is like most black atheletes. All the want to is find them a white h##e. His wife doesn’t deserve this treatment. Black women of America will one day get tired of their black men puting them down for white blond white tra#h. This is just another broken home where the black kids will have no black father and a bunch of white bit##es trying to cash in on the big bucks.

Its a disgrace and an epidemic in this country that many other folks can't understand. Its ok America to want to marry your own without being racist. Sistas dont even get a chance with these brothas so those guys can stay where they are. We will have to find love elsewhere which is sad.

nobody really wins here. tiki is entitled to his happiness, but leaving a pregnant wife looks really bad. who knows what happens behind the scenes. i just feel sorry for the kids. having been through two divorces, i can empathize. however, it hasnt got a damn thing to do with god. i’m more upset about letting down my exes families and my own family and friends than anything.

you don’t know that shes stupid. she managed to get a gig as an intern at a major broadcasting company, so shes pretty savvy when it comes to finding work. of course, it may have been that shes just beautiful and horny older guys decided to hire her so they could see some eye candy walking around the offices.

There is no sense of commitment in this country. Your wife is having your baby but its ok to “Bleep, Bleep” a young girl because you can. He cheated on his wife instead of taking care of his family. LOSER!!!!!!!!!

Tiki Barber….. grow some balls! if you are attracted to another woman…own up to it and tell your PREGNANT wife FIRST and talk to her about what may be wrong in your marriage that you feel you have to cheat on her.

I hope she leaves your dumbazz….SHE DESERVES WAY BETTER THAN YOU!

and what is hilarious is that you cheated on her and risked your future with a beautiful and smart woman for a dumb blonde! who probably doesn't even have one ounce of substance in her personality and intelligence.

Moreover, isn't it just ironic that when men cheat on a woman….they'll always cheat with an EASY and UNATTRACTIVE "GIRL"…..there is nothing special about the dumb blonde you chose to cheat with…..

she looks sooooooooooooooooo TYPICAL and needless to say….easy!

oh yeah,….. if anyone is gonna say that I don't know you to talk all this…well guess what…..?!!!

i don't have to know you to know you are a BOY with NO MORALS and ETHICS…..

your actions speak for you! now go start looking for a new job….. NBC won't want to keep your azz on their network……because you will only give them bad ratings!

let me guess….your next job is going to work on some less than tasteful tv movies with your TYPICAL co-star….. haha now stfu biatch…… you should just keep your "confession" of apologies to yourself….. once a cheater always a cheater……it's just a little too late for you……… you fukked up bigtime shame on you! cheating with a dumb blonde and abandoning your pregnant wife of many years?????? thiink about that one……smh.

So sad that people like you still exist on the face of the earth. I know ur kind, u can’t get a women and you blame it on the wold. When in reality it’s you. Your just a f**king looser @joe

hey she a blond catholic ?


Post a pic of the pregnant unit …


Not really…I wish you the best. I’m a AA female and I’ve dated every race-don’t limit yourself to one race. God made the human race.

Also, why do you use the word "herd" when referring to this woman's place among her kind? Is this a reflection about how you feel about women in general? Do you have an inferiority complex about the black male member? Go ahead and tell me…I won’t tell anyone. Or, do you have a superiority complex…do you believe you are better than any black man walking? Joe, one late night’ have an intimate discussion with your partner ( I assume it's a white woman), and ask her has she ever slept with or wanted to sleep with a black man. If she breaks eye contact with you…..they all have at least pondered the idea Joe…( LOL)

I hope Tiki blows a load into this trashy w-h-o-r-e, knocks her up for several months, than the drats out the door for some younger, fresher tail while she's stuck changing diapers and being pissed at how men are such pigs. The tramp made a choice (as did he) and now wil be scorened everywhere she goes. SHe will not be able to sit in a restaurant without being pointed and stared at. No one has any respect for her. In a few years when she gains a few bounds and loses the schoolgirl look, honry Tiki is going to be out playing the field again. I honestly can't wait.


What a discussion!! I am not perfect and don’t claim to be so. Been married for 25 and counting years. My husband has an a affair. I have also given into the flesh. We’ve work throught those difficult and challenging hurdles. Life is not Black or White! I think 90 of couples experience some form of infidelity at some point -either it be situational form or due to marital stresses. What matters is how the couple involved handles the turning point. Can they work through the cheating? What caused the cheating? Was it a one-night fling! Were there a string of other lovers involved? Yep it looks bad from our point of view!!! It’s crappy for the wife!! It shitty for the children. Unless you’ve walked in those shoes, you really don’t know.

I think as a whole – we need to really learn not to interfere in the personal lives of others. let those involved work their shit out for themselves no matter how it may look to us. Al we can do is hope that they get some clarity. Ultimately we should strive for living a life that gives us satification, piece of mind and does not destroy the FAMILY dignity.

WHITE GIRLS……WHITE GIRLS……WHITE GIRLS. It’s really NOT particularly her fault. Tiki made that cowardness decision to be with her instead of his wife and family. She’s only what we call…..A SQUIRREL TRYING TO GET A NUT. However brotha KIKI, the evils that men do, lives after them….thus what goes around, comes AROUND Brotha.


Wow Mark, you’re one of those creepy black supremacist types with an obvious fetish for white women. Guys like you are really damn weird and I can see that you are still going on about “joe.”

Oh and that stuff about black men having bigger — it’s a lie. My boyfriend is Asian and he’s bigger than any tootsie roll I’ve seen. Google up whitezilla, whitepony and Keni Styles when you’re sitting down. The sistas are getting smashed now too you old racistblackweirdo.

its typical stuff. always race this race that. maybe if this stuff didnt happen all the time there wouldnt be as much bad race hype going on. why didnt he get him a young beyonce!?!?!?!?!!!!

The man should put his children happiness first, instead of a piece of Tail. She certainly did not care who she is hurting. If he does not love his kids, she has shown that she does not care who she hurt. What was the point of putting her and Tiki picture on her web page, etc. She should have let the twins enter the world to a phony "Loving father." No wander some kids are so bitter in today's society. With fathers like Tiki…well he is just giving his kids the same bitterness and hurt he grew-up accustom…A way to go Tiki, keep it, "ALL IN THE FAMILY!" Glad U are not in my family. If I see you on TV, I will zip my set… do not want the likes of U in my home in any room. SUCH A…

There's this HUGE double standard women cling to: when a woman cheats it's because she's not fulfilled, but when a man cheats it's because he's a pig. Hey ladies… men have just as much right to be happy as any woman does. Deal with it and stop the hypocrisy!

I cant STAND dirty B…… like her, they will take any chance to break and marriage apart. He will just do the same thing to her, if she dont beat him too it… those scum bags deserve each other…… I hope his wife gets EVERYTHING…why do the guys with the beautiful wives always cheat on them… with ugly girls????????

Sure they are getting a divorce. He is a cheating scumbag. Oh, but wait, what came first the cheating or the marital problems. Maybe he knew the end was near and decided not to be alone through the process. Oh, so why was the end near. We may never know. Until the truth comes to light however we should not judge. You don't know if perhaps she is some kind of psychotic B^%&*$ behind closed doors.

What a F>>>>ing LOSER!! What type of a man leaves his pregmant wife? True his wife could be a crazy biatch, but chances are he is just another cocky/entitled rich athlete.
I dont know why so many women are envious of athlete’s wives. Those women face some serious humiliation.

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