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Check out this ridiculous Facebook growth chart

Check out this ridiculous Facebook growth chart (from Business Insider’s chart of the day)

facebook growth chart

If you were ever wondering who the #1 social networking might be, let this chart put your curiosity to rest.

Do you realize that back in March 2008, MySpace was actually beating Facebook  in terms of traffic and popularity?

But now look at their growth just over the past 12 months.

The growth of Facebook since March of last year has been… well… ridiculous (in a strong sense of the word).

3 replies on “Check out this ridiculous Facebook growth chart”

first of all the chart is wrong…
go google the real chart and see the difference. of course the 500mil user thing felt really boogus to me as well.
it hardly reached 200mil in fall of 2009. then it jumped to 500mil by july 2010… wtf?

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