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iPhone Dominates the Gaming Market (Chart)

iPhone Dominates the Gaming Market (Chart)

iphone gaming platform dominance

(chart from Business Insider chart of the day)

During its iPhone OS 4 presentation Scott Forstall, SVP iPhone software, flashed the slide above.

He said, “If you look at dedicated gaming devices like the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS, we just blow them out of the water.”

One look at the graph above makes you realize the dominance the iPhone has over all other hand-held gaming platforms.

The iPhone is truly on it’s way to becoming the dominant mobile gaming device in the entire industry, and the iPhone is a phone – not a hand held gaming device (so to speak…).

I know first hand with have 2 kids who have a Nintendo DSi, and I own an iPhone 3GS.

My kids prefer downloading and playing games on my iPhone over their Nintendo DSi’s.

I noticed this about a year or so ago, and the chart above really solidifies my suspicion.

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