Crash The Tea Party – The Anti-Tea Party Movement

Crash The Tea Party – The Anti-Tea Party Movement

Today’s modern day Tea Party is a made up of a group of fiscal conservatives who are basically sick and tired of excessive government spending.

The modern day Tea Party found its roots in the government stimulus package when the government started the process of bailing out large (too big to fail) financial institutions.

People started forming the “Tea Party” because, like our ancestors who had Tea Party to protest excessive taxation from Britain, people didn’t believe the government should be using tax payer money to bail out failed financial institutions.

Here comes the “Crash the Tea Party” movement

Now we have what you can basically consider the Anti-Tea Party movement called “Crash the Tea Party”.

Visit the Crash the Tea Party website

As you can see from the website, the “Crash the Tea Party” movement is taking a stand against the Tea Party movement.

The Crash the Tea Party folks believe the Tea Party folks got it all wrong and that it was necessary for the government to bail out the financial institutions in order to avoid a depression – for example.

Crash the Tea Party folks are beginning to secretly infiltrate The Tea Party groups pretending to be fiscal conservatists, learning the basis, theories, and plans of The Tea Party movement in order to be empowered when they go back to their Crash the Tea Party group.