HTC Incredible Release Date – Verizon Employee Says 4/29

htc incredible verizon database release dateHTC Incredible Release Date – Verizon Employee Says 4/29

Verizon employee checks computer inventory and see 4/29 as the release date for the HTC Incredible – is this legit?

The HTC Incredible is coming to Verizon, this we know!

But the exact date of it’s arrival is something that is catching a lot of attention amongst those interested in the matter.

Verizon Data Inventory Figures

On my previous HTC Incredible article today, someone in the comments shared the following information about how the Verizon data inventory:

From comments at my last HTC Incredible article:

“I asked a Verizon rep at a stand alone retail store if he could check his system for any info – he said that the info on his computer had 4/29 as a release date but also stated that they never know anything until about a day or so before and get the actual info through an email…”

Verizon Employee Sees 4/29 in his system

So since a Verizon employee was kind enough to search the database and inventory and discovered the 4/29 date is associated with the HTC Incredible, is this enough for us to assume that 4/29 is the arrival date?

What do you think about this new information directly from a Verizon employee who checked his database?

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