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Raychel Coudriet – Final Straw For Tiger Woods Divorce?

Raychel Coudriet – Final Straw For Tiger Woods Divorce?

It would seem that with Tiger Woods, the public confession, the self-admittance into treatment, and the desire to return to a normal family life with his wife Elin Nordegren would be cause enough to not immediately get a divorce.

But then there was Raychel Coudriet

But then, right before The Masters was about to tee off, another mistress emerged and this time it was Tiger Woods neighbor’s daughter – Raychel Coudriet.

When this new mistress broke out, in my opinion anyway, it really seemed like it didn’t catch much attention.

The 2010 Masters Tournament seemed like it was enough to keep this news from breaking wide open – even to the point of distraction.

Last straw for Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren

But for Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, this may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back – so to speak…

Perhaps once Elin Nordegren heard about this new mistress, and assuming that Tiger didn’t tell her about it, then maybe Elin just had enough and decided it was time to file for a divorce.

One reply on “Raychel Coudriet – Final Straw For Tiger Woods Divorce?”

Tiger Woods said to be deeply regretting the hurt and damage he caused his wife and children with his selfish, reckless and sinful behavior. Tiger may be also regretting his decision of returning to golf too soon. He did not win the Masters and he may be loosing his wife and family soon. I think that it is too late for Tiger to save his marriage and family. If Tiger looses Elin and the children, he may regret it for the rest of his life because a family is a priceless treasure. At the end of the day, when all the excitement of winning tournaments is over, and the glory of fame has faded, the unconditional love and support of a family is the only thing that is truly important.

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