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Brandon Marshall Miami Dolphins Trade

Brandon Marshall Miami Dolphins Trade

Alright, so negate my article earlier talking about how the Broncos were looking like they were going to keep Brandon Marshall. Earlier this morning, I wrote about the $2.521 tender that was already signed with the Denver Broncos.

Brandon Marshal Miami Dolphin Trade

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that, according to NFL sources, the deal that Brandon Marshall signs with the Miami Dolphins will be the most lucrative deal in NFL history.

In exchange for Brandon Marshall, the Denver Broncos will receive two high draft picks.

Broncos glad to see Brandon Marshall leave

The Denver Broncos are probably glad to see Brandon Marshall leave town. Brandon Marshall is an amazing receiver, but it cost the Denver Broncos a lot of headaches and stress to keep him around.

I have since learned that by Brandon Marshall signing the $2.5 million tender with the Denver Broncos on Tuesday, that was the release that allowed Denver to start shopping Brandon Marshall around the league.

Miami Dolphins were not the only ones in pursuit of Brandon Marshall – once Denver started shopping him around. ┬áThe Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the New York Jets were also showing signs of interest in Brandon Marshall.

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