Campus Gossip – More Garbage For The Internet

Campus Gossip – More Garbage For The Internet

Let me make a technical correlation here about how far the Internet has come since it’s early days.

You have another garbage website like campus gossip that is set to do anything but good to those who visit it and use it.

I mean, do you really want to be putting half naked pictures of yourself on the Internet these days?

And especially if you’re in college.

Don’t you think that those images can very easily be found when your future employer decides to turn to Google to research you?

Anyway, a reflection of how bad websites like campus gossip are, just take a look at the campus gossip Facebook Fan Page.

Campus gossip has been on the web since 2007 and they only have 904 fans.


That’s like 3 years online, and the Fan Page only have 904 fans.

Let me tell you people, that is a reflection of a terrible website, and a terrible online concept.

Anyway, if you are in college and have any aspirations to do something worth-while when you get out of college….

Stay away from campus gossip.

The images you put up there, and things you say, can very easily come back to haunt you in a lot of different ways.

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