Google Spies, The Obama Deception (Full Length Video)

Is Google controlling the search results subjective according to Government influence and dictation from the very highest office in the land – The White House? The video below called The Obama Deception, although playing here in its entirety – nearly … Continued

Louisiana Lottery – Need The Winning Numbers?

Louisiana Lottery in the news March’s draw-style game winnings included two Lotto jackpots totaling $975,000, one Easy 5 jackpot worth $143,702, one “match-5” Powerball prize of $200,000 and seven Powerball prizes of $10,000 each. Pick 3 prizes totaled $1,680,590 and … Continued

Campus Gossip – More Garbage For The Internet

Campus Gossip – More Garbage For The Internet Let me make a technical correlation here about how far the Internet has come since it’s early days. You have another garbage website like campus gossip that is set to do anything … Continued

Texas Stadium Implosion (Demolition Video)

Texas Stadium Implosion (Demolition Video) 10 Year Old Boy The planned take down of the Texas Stadium happened today and a 10 year old boy was the one that threw the switch to set off the explosions.