The Ultimate 2018 Google AdWords Guide

2018 adwords tips

Do you know enough about Google AdWords to really take advantage of all it has to offer? If not, don’t worry. This ultimate Google AdWords Guide is here to help Thinking of trying out AdWords? Take a look at some … Continued

Radius Marketing, A Local Business Gold Mine

To this day, I’m amazed at how many local businesses and organizations I speak with that are unaware of the basic concept of radius marketing. Radius marketing, although not a product or platform, is more of a strategy implemented through … Continued

Gmail Phone Calling Will Remain Free Through 2011

Great news for those who have been using Gmail’s phone calling capabilities; free calling has been extended through 2011. I think Google has always intended for this service to be free, just like every other product they launch (Adwords being … Continued

Google Adwords Tip – How To Stop The Bleeding

I just finished talking with a client about his Google Adwords campaign. Of course I can’t use specifics here, but let me just say that he was hemorraging money out without generating sales. That’s a recipe for disaster for just … Continued