Radius Marketing, A Local Business Gold Mine

radius marketing geo targeting groupTo this day, I’m amazed at how many local businesses and organizations I speak with that are unaware of the basic concept of radius marketing.

Radius marketing, although not a product or platform, is more of a strategy implemented through the use of existing marketing platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook pay per click.

Let’s look at Google Adwords for example.

Did you realize that with Google Adwords, your business could be running the following (equivalent) campaign:

Let’s say you are a dentist in Roswell, Georgia and you want to increase the number of teeth whitening procedures. ¬†And from your client database or records, you already know the following:

  1. Your most profitable teeth whitening clientel are women aged 21 – 45
  2. Your most profitable customers all live within a 15 mile radius of your practice

So you would launch a Google Adwords campaign as follows, utilizing the radius marketing mindset:

You create three banner ads sized 728×90 (large rectangular), 300×250 (large square), and 160×600 (tall tower) – all of these are high quality image ads that will run throughout Google’s content network.

You then set a radius on your campaign of 15 miles – this way, your three high quality image ads do not show up anywhere outside of a 15 mile radius of your front door.

The types of sites your ads are showing up on now, again nothing exceeding 15 miles radius from your business, are sites like the local newspaper online edition,, local blogs and other content sites that people frequent and who are all located within a 15 mile radius.

So we’ve got your campaign drilled down so that it’s marketing your dental practice, and more specifically teeth whitening, and your ads are not showing up outside of 15 mile radius from your door.

But we need to drill it down even further because we know also that women aged 21-45 are your most profitable teeth whitening clients.

So you drill down your campaign so that your ads are only presented to women ages 21-45 AND who are living within a 15 mile radius of your practice.

Now you’ve got a highly targeted marketing campaign unfolding and your are literally maximizing your ROI at a level that’s never before been possible.

This is what I mean by I radius marketing.

Radius Marketing if I can actually coin that term, is leveraging the current leading pay per click platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook, and creating campaigns that are highly targeted to your specific customer demographic.

And by using image ads, you eliminate the possibility of other competitors showing up on the same page as you because with Google Adwords, one image ad is all that shows in any given ad zone – so your ad shows competition free!

It’s a pretty sweet deal, and extremely effective at converting customers.

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