The Ultimate 2018 Google AdWords Guide

2018 adwords tips

Do you know enough about Google AdWords to really take advantage of all it has to offer? If not, don’t worry. This ultimate Google AdWords Guide is here to help Thinking of trying out AdWords? Take a look at some … Continued

Why Has Search Growth Stalled?

Taking a look at a Business Insider chart today I noticed something strange about the overall search market. There’s the obvious, that Google dominates the search landscape. But there’s another interesting take a way by looking at the chart below, … Continued

Google’s Top 10 Search Advertisers (Chart)

This is something I’ve never seen before.  A list of Google’s top 10 advertisers, ranked by their click spend or how much they spend per year on keywords that drive clicks. Check out the chart below: It’s amazing to think … Continued

Radius Marketing, A Local Business Gold Mine

To this day, I’m amazed at how many local businesses and organizations I speak with that are unaware of the basic concept of radius marketing. Radius marketing, although not a product or platform, is more of a strategy implemented through … Continued