Why Has Search Growth Stalled?

Taking a look at a Business Insider chart today I noticed something strange about the overall search market.

There’s the obvious, that Google dominates the search landscape.

But there’s another interesting take a way by looking at the chart below, and that is, why in the world has search growth seemed to stall?

And I mean, stall completely.

None of the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, or Bing – have seen any substantial growth in search share. And I find it interesting mostly because search has always been the predominant activity online.

And even though social networking is exploding, like Facebook, people are still wanting to search for things.  Google Adwords, after all, continues to see double digit gains in growth year over year.

Yet search as a whole seems to have stalled.

Perhaps this is an opportunity waiting to happen for someone.

Perhaps now is the time to introduce niche search engines, search engines that are designed for specific verticals like sports, news, entertainment, etc…

Just a thought!

Here’s the chart showing the growth of Google, Yahoo, and Bing over the past 12 months:

google search share


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