Man Threatens Suicide To Get Adwords Help From Google

You know you’re desperate for some Google Adwords help when you start threatening to kill yourself if you don’t get it! That’s exactly what an advertiser from India did over the weekend.  Apparently he was at wits end to get Google Adwords help, yet Google wasn’t responding. So he took one last step in getting […]

Tablets Technology

Why Doesn’t Google Build A Tablet Notebook PC?

I’m just wondering why Google isn’t in the market to build a tablet notebook PC? With all the hype of over Apple’s Tablet, and other tablet pc’s, this is something that would seem like a perfect product for Google to launch. The main benefit, from what I understand, of a tablet notebook is the simple […]


Google Adwords Display Ad Builder

Creating high quality display ads with your Google Adwords campaign just got a whole lot easier! Display Ad Builder allows your create new, professionally looking image ads in minutes.  The easy to use interface eliminates the need for you to hire a developer for your image ad designs. Google Adwords content network is critically important […]