Is Google Adwords Testing Site Links?

google-adwords-logoSee the screen shot below that shows sitelinks appearing in Google Adwords search results for

I just found this very interesting article that states that Google Adwords is producing sitelinks in text ads.

What are sitelinks?  They are supporting links that Google will place under the search result for a specific website.  For example, sitelinks might point to pages within a site like the “products” page, “contact us”, “specials” etc…

Just search “staples” in Google and you’ll see the #1 position is, and then you’ll see a bunch of sitelinks under the main search result.

Anyway, here’s the image that someone captured yesterday showing sitelink appearing in the Google Adwords (sponsored listings) section.


What do you think about this?  Or do you have any more information about Google Adwords showing sitelinks?