Craiglist, Crag list, Craigs list… Can we not spell, people?

craigslist google trendsCraiglist, Crag list, Craigs list… Can we not spell, people?

This is absolutely driving me crazy today. On Google Trends – the service that tracks what’s popular and what people are searching for the most right now – Craigslist is a trending topic. In fact, it’s been trending for about the last 3 hours.

However, people are spelling the site Craigslist in all sorts of weird and bizarre ways.

For example – in the top 7 currently trending phrases we have 3 of them directly relating to Craigslist, but check out how they are spelled:

1)  craiglist

2)  craigs list

7)  cragslist

So that’s #1, #2, and #7 out of the top 20 keyword phrases – all related to Craigslist, but not a single one of them spelled properly.

That’s just unbelievable to me!

And even more unbelievable is that in order for those phrases to achieve top 10 rankings in Google Trends, then a massive global audience of people are spelling these words incorrectly.

Why is Craigslist suddenly so popular?

Ok – it’s not like Craigslist hasn’t always been popular, but for some reason it is starting to dominate the top 10 Google Trends list, and that doesn’t happen unless there is a specific cause pushing it.

One of the main reasons I believe that Craigslist is hot on everyone’s mind right now is because they are about to be busted for facilitating prostitution in the United States – a place where prostitution is illegal!

But also, from what I’ve read quickly, Craigslist was used recently by the Gambino family to promote and sell off underage (some said to be 15 years old) prostitutions.

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