Social networking: Here comes Fed, he’s gonna git ya!

I love the movie Cars almost as much as any 3 year old. One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when Frank, the wheat combine, comes raging like a bull to chase after Mater and Lightening McQueen. Just before Frank bursts through the trees to chase the suspecting cow-tipping duo from the field, Mater leans over to Lightening and says, “Oh, oh…Here comes Frank, he’s gonna git ya!”

While driving to work listening to Rush Limbaugh’s morning update, it was reported that Federal law enforcement agents are logging on to social media sites and are pre-texting their identities to go undercover to communicate with suspects and gather private information.

As a law abiding citizen, it’s the gathering of private information part that really concerns me.   What controls are in to place to provide accountability and to prevent government agencies from abusing or bullying citizens that are not suspects in investigations?

Go one further and read an excellent book by author John O Koehler:  Statsi, The Untold Story of the East German Secret Police.  In this book, Mr. Koehler documents how the “Sword and Shield of the Party” was able to infiltrate society to a degree that one out of every seven citizens reported on the activities of friends and family to the government.  When posting your photos and online diatribes, be careful; you may be doing Fed’s work for him!

Rush Limbaugh Morning Update – Mar 18, 2010

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