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Brett Favre Retires, Free Whataburgers, Brain Eating Vaccines, & Northern Lights

free whataburger

Brett Favre Retires

This is perhaps the story line that will dominate the NFL this season, and definitely at least for the the pre-season. Today marks the first day that the mainstream media is – once again – picking up the Brett Favre retires story line, and guess what… we still don’t know exactly what Brett Favre is going to do. In fact, we probably just need to not speculate whatsoever until game day hits and then, maybe, we can see if Bret Favre is in uniform or not.

Brain Eating Vaccine

A Stanford University neuroscience professor, Dr. Robert Sapolsky believes he is close to discovering a vaccine that would create, as he says, a state of ‘focused calm’, that would reduce stress, anger and anxiety. This vaccine is being dubbed the brain eating vaccine because it directly alters your brain’s chemical makeup [read more].

Northern Lights Tonight

Everyone loves the chance to see the Nothern Lights. Well tonight might just be your lucky night if you live in Idaho. The lights should be visible about midnight tonight and Wednesday night over Idaho, David Aguilar, a spokesman for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, told the Idaho Statesman [read more].

Whataburger Giving Away Free Hamburgers

Whataburger was giving away free hamburgers today. Sorry, you missed it though because it was happening around your diner time tonight. But in celebration of being in business for 60 years, Whataburger was giving away free burgers [read more].

I can’t really decide is the Brett Favre story line or the free Whataburger is my favorite. I love watching the circus that unfolds around Brett Favre – that’s entertaining enough as it is. But I remember eating at a Whataburger once in Houston and man… just one burger made me feel ridiculously stuffed all day long!

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