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‘Justin Bieber To Host SNL’ Movement Started on Twitter

‘Justin Bieber To Host SNL’ Movement Started on Twitter

There’s a new movement underway on Twitter. And no, it’s not a bake sale or a charity event!

This movement is all about a 16 year old kid who everyone apparently wants to host Saturday Night Live (SNL).

And who am I talking about???

Justin Bieber – of course…

That’s right, a whole new movement on Twitter is starting to flare up built around people who want Justin Bieber to actually host Saturday Night Live!

Everyone is retweeting their reasons as to why Justin Bieber should play host on Saturday Night Live.

The Twitter profile that is getting all the retweet linkbacks @BieberOnSNL.

There’s even a hashtag created to help get even more momentum for the cause – #BieberHOSTSNL.

And the strategy seems to be working in Justin Biebers favor.

Already, Justin Bieber is back at #5 on the Twitter trending list.

Early today, his name actually disappeared from the Twitter trending list – which is very uncommon.

Some “Justin Bieber to host SNL” tweets:

What do you think?

So what do you think about Justin Bieber being the host of Saturday Night Live (SNL)?

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