iPad 3G Release / Shipping Date Is Today? (Confirmed Charges)

iPad 3G Release / Shipping Date Is Today? (Confirmed Charges)

I wrote earlier today about how I believe Apple is starting to ship their iPad 3G’s, which means today is the actual release date, or shipping date, for the iPad3G.

What I showed in my previous article was the credit card invoice of someone who had their card charged for what appears to be the full amount of the iPad 3G. Apple stated that your card would not be charged until your iPad 3G is actually shipped.

Here’s what this person had to say about their iPad 3G:

“Looks like it may have shipped today… as you can see, $25K credit limit; Current available credit $24,211.57. $25K – iPad price of $788.43, well that equals my available credit to the penny. Please do not use my name or email address if cited in an article.”

From Apple.com’s help section…

Online CC statement…

Apple.com order status…

Continuing reports of full amount charges:

The previous articles that I’ve written about the iPad 3G release / shipping date are now starting to get more comments about full charges hitting their credit cards today.

I know there are some critics out there who call this hog-wash, but tell me this, why would Apple just now start charging credit cards for the full amount of the iPad cost – when Apple said they would not charge your card until your iPad was actually shipped.

I know that my site seems to be the only one talking about the possibility of today being the shipping date for the iPad 3G, but what else am I suppose to believe when I see / hear reports like this?

What do you think?