Facebook Fan Pages Drop ‘Like’ And Puts Back ‘Become A Fan’

Facebook Fan Pages Drop ‘Like’ And Puts Back ‘Become A Fan’

I wrote yesterday about the new changes Facebook made to their Facebook Fan Page layout by replacing the ‘Become A Fan’ button with a new ‘Like’ button.

The changes went far beyond just changing a button however. With the new ‘Like’ functionality, Facebook Pages were going to be become more integrated within the news stream of fans’ personal Facebook profiles.

This would have meant more exposure, more branding, and more marketing power for a Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook changed it back to ‘Become A Fan’

I think it was within an hour or so of posting my article on the new changes that I, along with a bunch of other people, noticed that the Facebook Fan Pages were back to normal with the ‘Become A Fan’ button – the ‘Like’ button was gone.

So now when you go to look at your Facebook Fan Page, everything is back to normal and there is literally no trace of the ‘Like’ functionality.

2 Theories on what happened:

1) Facebook is experimenting with a new Fan Page layout and design and the only way to truly know what they are working with was to physically launch it. This would allow them to see what it looked like, how it functioned, and how the new layout would appear live on the web.

2) Facebook wanted to launch the new concept and get feedback from users. My guess is, based on the feedback sent through my own Facebook Fan Page, the response was not a warm welcome by any means – basically, people didn’t like the new functionality of the ‘Like’ replacing the ‘Become A Fan’.

The main critique I read was that you could no longer see all of your fans, and that you could no longer tell what fans were new to your Facebook Fan Page.

However, I’m not so sure you were ever able to tell what fans were new because I never noticed the list of fans being chronological – did you?

What do you think?

So did you notice yesterday the new Facebook Fan Page layout?

If not, you can check it our here (I got some screen shots).

And what do / did you think of the new layout and functionality?  Is it something you would prefer to the current ‘Become A Fan’ design?