Earth Day Worksheets, Coloring Pages For Kids (Printable)

Earth Day Worksheets, Coloring Pages For Kids (Printable)

With today being Earth Day, and the fact that kids are in school, more than likely teachers will find this to be a great opportunity to promote the values and benefits of Earth Day to their students.

For younger kids, Earth Day worksheets and coloring pages are a great way to not only productive activities for kids, but also encourage interaction and learning about the topic of Earth Day.

So here are a couple of good resources for teachers, or home school facilitators, to visit and easily print off Earth Day worksheets and coloring pages for kids:

Finally, perhaps showing kids the Google Doodle Earth Day logo is a good way to tie in and talk about the way that companies support Earth Day, and show them some of the creative things that businesses do to encourage Earth Day and help get the word out.

Earth Day is celebrated by over 150 countries throughout the world. The purpose of Earth Day is to encourage and promote a green, healthy environment for our planet earth.

Not only is Earth Day a time to educate and promote the benefits and values of being “green” minded, but Earth Day is also a great day to get outside and take part in Earth Day activities.

Some great Earth Day activities include:

  • planting trees
  • picking up trash in your neighborhood
  • recycling
  • handing out “green” pamphlets with valuable information