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Mass Save Rebates (Video)

mass save rebate applianceMass Save Rebates

How appropriate that today, Earth Day, be the day that the Mass Save Rebate program is launched. The Mass Save Rebate program is designed to encourage a healthier, greener world through the trading in of old, inefficient appliances and in return, receiving a rebate on the purchase on a more efficient, greener appliance.

Mass Save Rebate starts at 10 AM on Thursday, April 22, which is also Earthday 2010, according to

Mass Save Rebate saves Massachusetts residents money on certain appliance purchases.  One of your conservation Earth Day activities should be checking out the Mass Save rebates, especially if you need new appliances.

Energy saving appliances qualify for the Mass Save Rebate to save money and our world.  To get a Mass Save Rebate reservation number and form, call 1-877-627-9271 or visit

Here more information about the Mass Save Rebate program:

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