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iPhone 4G, Apple Still Has Secrets

iPhone 4G, Apple Still Has Secrets

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Even though we were offered a glimpse of the iPhone 4G by Gizmodo this week, doesn’t mean that everything has been spilled out concerning Apple’s iPhone 4G plans. I believe that Apple still has some secrets, and perhaps even the best information has yet to be revealed.

With the iPhone 4G, I’m of the opinion that Apple is going to reveal their ambitions to expand to multiple carriers. Verizon of course is the main carrier that Apple would benefit the most from with an expansion, but there are other carriers as well.

The point being is that the iPhone is Apple’s biggest money maker. With AT&T being only one of many carriers, then Apple is limited with their sales market so long as they remain exclusive to AT&T.

Sure, it might be a good deal for Apple to remain exclusive to AT&T, but it just doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint. Open the iPhone to multiple carriers, and you immediately expand your market and sales.

The iPhone 4G is expected to be announced sometime this summer – exactly when, nobody knows. But with the iPhone 4G announcement, I think we will hear of a new marketing and sales strategy from Apple as well. A strategy that expands the iPhone 4G far beyond just AT&T, and perhaps even far beyond Verizon as well.

Apple’s biggest money make, the iPhone, cannot be confined to only one carrier in the United States indefinitely. After all, Apple is out to increase profits and make their investors money, period – and that is going to require an expansion of the iPhone into different carriers.

With the iPhone 4G, these details might be the most revealing yet.

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There is no way security obsessed Steve Jobs would let the actual next iPhone to leave the Apple campus. I'm sure there have been several prototypes and the mysterious found iPhone was most likely one of many. We'll all find out soon enough if the past year's tradition of a summer hardware release holds true.

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