E. Coli, Salmonella: How They Can Spread.

Should I have told the manager?

I recently went to eat lunch at one of the fast food chicken restaurants before I serviced a sandwich prep cooler at another restaurant.

While sitting at the table and looking out the window, I watched as one of the employees was walking from the dumpsters to the side door. She was carrying one of those throw away clothes that restaurants use to clean tables and such.

Before she reached the door she stuck the cloth in one nostril and then the other… you know… to make sure she didn’t have anything oozing from her nose when she came back into the restaurant. She then used the same rag to clean finger prints off the glass door.

She walked into the store, coughed into the rag, wiped out some trays that were left on the trash receptacles, wiped the tops of the trash receptacles, wiped the walls around the trash receptacles, went into the ladies restroom and then the men’s restroom, came out and wiped the counters, coughed into the rag again, walked over to the tables and began to wipe the tables with the same rag, rubbed her mouth with the rag, wiped out some more trays that some customers had left on the tables, dropped the cloth on the floor, picked it up again, coughed in it again, and then began to wipe down the food preparation areas in the kitchen…. all with the same rag!

And each time she would make a trip up to one of the chicken holding cabinets and tear off a chunk of the crust from the chicken, pop it into her mouth and go about wiping more with that same rag… by the way… the chicken would then be sold to customers who had no idea.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I left the store shaking my head, and hoping that I would be able to hold in my meal.

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I would have, had I been able to stand the whole idea of what I had just watched. I had to get out before I grossed out.

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